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Refurbished B&G 1G Sprayer

B&G Sprayers are the highest quality sprayers on the market today and have been trusted by pest control professionals for over 50 years. You just can't get any better sprayer than a B&G. This particular B&G 1 Gallon sprayer features a positive tip shut-off (NO DRIP), heavy duty construction - built to last, unique "carpet protector" bottom ring, spare parts storage inside of ring and the protectors are easily removed for cleaning and provide the utmost in protection. The B&G 1 Gallon Sprayer comes with an 18-inch wand and a 4-way tip (the product picture above depicts the 9-inch wand, but you will receive an 18-inch wand).

WAS $200.00       YOUR PRICE $180.00

Used B&G 2200 Pressure Duster

Used B&G Stainless Steel professional compressed air duster. Two (2) gallon capacity. Great for voids,attics,crawl spaces with synthetic or organic products.

150 psi

WAS $500.00     NOW $390.00


This is a complete foam application system enclosed in a secure and portable carry case. All componets fit into the case and it can be closed and locked during application.


40PSI 1/8HP Compressor

1gallon Stainless Steel Tank

Light Weight famer handle with 5" 3way Tip

WAS $467.12  YOUR PRICE $389.47

Whitmire System III

Professional Crack & Crevice System designed to work with most Whitmire Products. Comes with Belt, Can Holder, Bait Holder.

Units retail for more than $250.00.

WAS $249.00

NOW ONLY $134.00